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Dialog Business Telephone Service

Get the most advanced and fully featured business telephone service in the industry. It is ultra-reliable, affordable and supported by a highly trained staff located near you. Isn’t it about time your phone service saves you money and simply lets you to focus on your business.

Business Telephone Western Kentucky

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Dialog business telephone service utilizes the best available technology to ensure your business phone system is there when you need it.


Dialog offers a  variety of business telephone options to help you create the business technology package you need at the most affordable rates in our region.

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Dialog employs local custormer service technicians to assist you with any problems that may occur.  Local customers.  Local service.  That’s Dialcog.

Business Telephone Options

Basic Business Telephone Service

The smart choice for small businesses that want to use their own phone equipment along with management tools and calling features to run their business more efficiently.  Basic phone service has been available almost since the introduction of the public telephone system in the late 19th century and remains mostly unchanged to the normal user despite the modern introduction of touch-tone dialing, electronic telephone exchanges and fiber-optic communication.

Business Telephone Western Kentucky
Business Telephone Service Western Kentucky

Business Telephone Options

PRI and SIP Trunks

Our PRI and SIP trunking service is designed for businesses and enterprises with their own PBX systems — providing tailored services and scalable capacity to increase productivity. Trunk services allow you to leverage over-subscription vs. dedicated lines to take advantage of additional cost savings. Our PRI and SIP Trunking service provides all the traditional features you’re used to like Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Voicemail, and more.

Business Telephone Options

Hosted Business Telephone Communications

If you own a business with fewer than 300 lines, hosted PBX Business telephone can provide you with a multitude of features and benefits. For starters, a hosted business PBX system is much less expensive than a traditional on-site system. With hosted a PBX business phone system, there is no need to buy expensive hardware and software, pay for installation, and manage the system. You simply pay a monthly fee and enjoy all the benefits of the service.

While less costly than standard on-site PBX systems, hosted PBX solutions are teeming with valuable features, such as on-hold music, call waiting, call routing, transfers, and more. Moreover, as the popularity of hosted PBX continues to grow, additional features like auto attendants, and extension dialing.

The ability to add new features as they roll out is just one example of the scalability of hosted PBX. Additional lines, phones, and even an entire new department can effortlessly be added, which would be much more complex with a traditional on-site PBX.

When you opt for a hosted PBX business telephone solution and outsource all the tech stuff, you will find your stress levels lowering as well. With a Dialog hosted PBX, a mountain of responsibility will be taken off your shoulders, allowing you to focus your attention on more important matters, like improving your bottom line.

Hosted business telephone communications

“We are new business owners and recently opened the Papa Murphy’s Pizza in Paducah. From the beginning, Dialog was so quick to respond to any questions and to make phone/internet recommendations based on our business model. We were allowed to choose the phone number we wanted, which is critical in the pizza business, at no additional costs. Our Fiber optics had to be made compatible with an extremely secure credit card information protection system. They were always available by phone to conference in on what they needed to do in terms of wiring, etc.. They came onsite, many times while we were on the phone, to personally interact with our POS, NCR and Trustwave reps because they wanted the system to work perfectly and make doing business trouble free, for us. This includes New Year’s Eve, and even personally answering calls or texts, well after normal business hours.  I would HIGHLY recommend using Dialog as your communications provider. The customer service and pricing is simply unparalleled!”


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Dialog Telecommunications can help transform your company with business technology solutions.  By providing the best business telephone and business internet services available, our technology solutions help your company succeed. Get better technology with the ability to connect with your customers through Internet, Ethernet, Managed Network Services, Voice Solutions and more.  Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE.

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